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While we’re on the subject of the Golden-Age, here’s another “timely” golden-age project that I’m really excited about. From Comic Book Resources:

“’Avengers/Invaders,’ the Invaders team of Captain America, Bucky, the original Human Torch, Toro, and the Sub-Mariner are transported from the battlefields of World War II to the modern day Marvel Universe, where they encounter a multitude of heroes including both the Mighty and New Avengers. How the Invaders were sent forward is a mystery but it soon becomes very clear their presence in the present puts it in dire peril.”

I’m hoping that this serves as another a breath of fresh air at Marvel, something that ClanDestine, Nova & Annihliation have become for me. In all honesty, I haven’t been to impressed or enthused when visiting the Marvel Universe over the last several years so my visits there have become briefer and briefer. But recently there have been some bright spots and this appears to be one of them — particularly if Krueger, Ross & Sadowski can manage to skirt their way around Marvel’s recent Civil War (which I was less than satisfied with to say the least) or at least provide a satisfying commentary about as it ties into the process of them telling their own story (I’d by lying if I didn’t say I was a little nervous about that being that I come from a different side of the political isle than, say Alex Ross, but I loved their work on the recent 12-issue Justice mini-series so they instantly get the benefit of the doubt on this project). I love Marvel’s Invaders (go get ’em Robbins!) so I’m already excited about seeing them again fresh from the battlefront, and I’m really looking forward to seeing Captain America back in action again! If you know me at all from other boards then you’ll know that he’s my favorite comics character, and while I really enjoy what Brubaker has been doing with the book, I definitely miss cheering on my favorite character from month to month and simply wait for his eventual return. Here I can see the original Star-Spangled Avenger for at least a year while I patiently await his…uh…modern continuity return!


Dang I hope this is good. I’d like to see the Invaders become prominent again, and according to Ross that’s a possibility if this is well done & well received:

“Ross and Krueger have enjoyed their first assignment back at Marvel and hopes “Avengers/Invaders” strikes a chord with fans because they’d love to tell more stories for the publisher, especially featuring the Invaders. ‘We’ll take it as it comes but we do have a lifelong fandom that we respond to with this group of characters,” Ross stated. “So we hope to see further opportunities come from this. It all depends on how people like it. But as far as where we’re coming from, we’ve always loved these guys. They’re a unique group.'”

More on the series at Comic Book Resources.


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I don’t know exactly what Geoff Johns has in store for the JSA, Power-Girl & Earth-2 this summer, but I have to admit that I’m pretty excited about the possibilities given that he’s running the show. I’ve enjoyed Johns’ JSA titles for years now and I’ve got high hopes for this, particularly if there are more positive ramifications for Earth-2 and its heroes.

Here’s hoping.

And Ordway on pencils?! Heck yea! I welcome any chance to see him illustrating the JSA’ers that he once put so much care and effort into within the pages of The All-Star Squadron and Infinity Inc. those many years ago. We had a brief return several years back in JSA #63-64, and I’m gratified that we’re seeing his work again on what I hope is a significant and worthwhile Justice Society story.

Good luck & congratulations to all those involved with this! Can’t wait.


[Scene from JSA #63.  “It was a dream.”)

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