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us_hd1Steve Geppi’s comments on the future of Disney Comics at Newsarama:

“At this time, no final decision has been made regarding The EC Archives or our comic books featuring Disney’s standard characters, but it seems certain that both lines will continue in some form,” he said. “We all anticipate resolving the issues facing us and moving forward, and I will be happy to announce the specifics once things have been finalized.”

Stay tuned for a happy ending?


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“Only a restless grave…” [SPOILERS AHEAD]

In keeping with the zombie theme, Usagi Yojimbo #119, Traitors of the Earth Part-3 hit store shelves last week and as you can likely tell from the featured images, Stan must have had an awful lot of fun with this one.  The conclusion to the Traitors of the Earth storyline is a fast paced, tumultuous, battle for survival as Usagi and Sasuke battle Hatakeyama and the undead uy-119_p1(“shibito”) to stop their deadly advance and save Kitsune.  With the cursed “netsuke” (from the previous chapters) in his possession, the wizard Hatakeyama is able to control a legion of undead soldiers, commanding them to destroy Usagi and his band.

Weakened from a previous battle (with an evil demon tree no less), Sasuke takes his fight directly to Hatakeyama and the two trade powerful magical strikes as Sasuke tries to advance on his position.  Seemingly spent, he methodically moves forward, step by step, as the wizard mocks his weakness and revels in his own strength.  And just as Hatakeyama is about to taste of victory, Sasuke’s sword seperates the netsuke from his hand, and his head from his neck!  The zombies sense that the wizard has fallen and that the netsuke is within their grasp and make all haste to obtain it (which will apparently allow them to live evermore).  Sensing the danger, Usagi scoops the trinket up and literally runs for the hills to keep that from happening.  But these zombies aren’t your normal undead and they’ve got legs on them so it’s an all out sprint for his life as the shibito nip at his heels…all the way up the side of a mountain.  But uy-119_p31Usagi’s body is finite, and the undead remain seemingly untired and he is overtaken.  But mustering his remaining strength he makes one more attempt to keep the netsuke from their grasp and throws the netsuke from the top of the mount into the raging sea below where one by one, the zombies make a mad jump into the drink to obtain it.

Exhausted, Usagi makes his way back down the mountainside, and there I’ll leave it so you can enjoy the rest (Sasuke is awesome!).  This was a very entertaining 3-part story (though I could’ve done with a whole other issue featuring zombie fights) and I’d recommend it to anyone, especially the many zombie fans among us who haven’t treated themselves to a Usagi story recently.

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residentevil5I picked up Resident Evil 5 (PS3) a little earlier than I had expected as something of a “reward” for good financial behavior this month.  But that paradox aside, while I’m really looking forward to diving in headfirst again, apparently I have a heck of a lot of practice ahead of me because I barely survived the first level and didn’t make it through the second.  Not good in a lengthy survival horror game, but dang is this going to be fun!

[Edit 3/30: Played again this evening, and did much, much better.  Looks like I just needed a little acclimating to the game controls.  Made it to level 2-1, collected 3/3 of the BSAA’s and pulled off “A’s” after replaying the first two missions a couple of extra times for the heck of it. Whew, my pride isn’t so wounded now.]

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Saw a 3-D showing of Dreamwork’s Monsters vs. Aliens earlier this evening with the family, and I loved it (everyone did)!  Ginormica will steal your heart, as will the rest of the cast, and it’ll definitely be a Blu-Ray purchase when it hits the store shelves.  I’ll try to fill you in with more impressions soon, but in the meantime, go see it this weekend with family and friends (in 3-D) for a great time, and a ton of laughs at the movies.

I’m ready for a sequel already.

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ua_hd1I’ve heard nothing but good things about Umbrella Academy, but beyond reading a short story and synopsis, I really know very little about the book beyond its reputation.  I’m considering picking it up soon and would appreciate any thoughts any of you might have about the series?

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“Our obligations to our country never cease but with our lives.”

I have great respect for America’s Founding Fathers and gained and even greater one for John Adams during my recent American Navy course given that, like Washington, he was indeed “a friend to the Navy” during his tenure as 2nd President of the United States and that he understood the need to ‘always be ready for war at sea,’ and built up America’s Navy accordingly that well protected America’s shores — so having heard over and over that HBO had put together a 7-hour mini-series, and that it was ‘exceedingly’ good just as many times, I figured that I had best put it at the top of my ever-growing Netflix queue and get crackin.’

I viewed the first episode, “Join or Die” last night, and it definitely left a good impression, enough so that I will be making it a point to finish the next 6-installments within the next week or so.  Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney are already a couple of my favorite actors as is so seeing them in their respective roles as John and Abigail Adams was a real treat.  Once again, I’m a little late to the part, but better late than never as the old saying goes.

John Adams is a sprawling HBO miniseries event that depicts the extraordinary life and times of one of Americas least understood, and most underestimated, founding fathers: the second President of the United States, John Adams. Starring Paul Giamatti (Sideways, Cinderella Man, HBOs American Spendor) in the title role and Laura Linney (You Can Count on Me, Kinsey) as Adams devoted wife Abigail, John Adams chronicles the extraordinary life journey of one of the primary shapers of our independence and government, whose legacy has often been eclipsed by more flamboyant contemporaries like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton and Benjamin Franklin. Set against the backdrop of a nations stormy birth, this sweeping miniseries is a moving love story, a gripping narrative, and a fascinating study of human nature. adams_hd1Above all, at a time when the nation is increasingly polarized politically, this story celebrates the shared values of liberty and freedom upon which this country was built.

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Marko Djurdjevic’s art?  I like it!  He’s one of the most talented artists working today as far as I’m concrned, but dangit, I’m trying to save money here!  Meaning, it looks like I have to keep an eye on Andy Diggle’s upcoming run on Daredevil as well.  Tough life, I know.

Here’s a larger version of the cover featuring a smorgasbord of Daredevil’s incredible cast of characters:

DAREDEVIL500_Marko Djurdjevic

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