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Donald Barks HD1What interesting times these be.  From Rich Johnston’s final Lying in the Gutter’s column:

I understand that Boom Studios has won the comic book license for “Walt Disney Comics And Stories,” “Mickey Mouse And Friends,” “Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck,” “Donald Duck” and more.

Boom has recently shown much promise with its well received Disney Pixar and “Muppet Show” comic books, and this seems reward for its efforts.  Both titles were previously published by Steve Geppi’s Gemstone, a publisher that has been seen to be suffering of late.  Expect to see this reflected in solicitations shortly.

I hate to see Gemstone lose the Disney license, I really do as I thought they were great stewards, but I’m far more interested in seeing Disney titles on stands for new and old fans alike and reading them month in and month out myself, particularly if they can receive the same kind of care and attention to detail that have helped them stand the test of time, while working their way into the hearts of millions…”thousands even” for decades. Gemstone had a great run and I would be ungrateful if I didn’t say “thanks” for so many great memories. All the best in their future endeavors (!) and I hope that the news about BOOM! obtaining the license is true, but that if not, Donald and the gang will eventually find a worthwhile place to call home.

Stay tuned for more info. as it breaks, the place hasn’t quite been the same without the residents of Duckburg stopping by regularly and hopefully that’ll change real soon!?


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I’m still curious as to whether the upcoming DC back-up features are going to be collected in the individual TPB’s for a given title or published in their own collected editions but whatever the case, the Blue Bettle co-feature beginning in Booster Gold #21 — with art like this from interior artist Mike Norton, and scripts by Matt Sturges — appears to be just what the doctor ordered for a massively decreasing comics reading list.

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CB_prv2171_covI didn’t want to throw a post up about this as I hate being a bearer of bad news but it appears that Paul Cornell has confirmed that Captain Britain and MI-13 has been canceled following the release of issue #15:

As you may have noticed, there’s no solicitation today for #16 of Captain Britain and MI-13. That, unfortunately, is because #15 is the last issue. A lot of books end without a word from their creative teams, but, with Marvel’s blessing, I didn’t want that to be the case this time. There are, I think, a few things worth saying at this point.

Firstly, and most importantly, I wanted to say a huge thank you to our loyal and enthusiastic fans. People like Mark Roberts (known as The Sword is Drawn), Dave Wallace, John Mosby, the guys at I,Fanboy, and all those others who’ve been so vocal for us on the internet, who have created and run banners in support of the book, and those who just bought the book and enjoyed it… you lot rock.

I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to thank everyone involved for a great, great book. It’s a sad state of things when a book like this doesn’t have the readers necessary to sustain a healthy viability in today’s comic market but I’m glad we got 15-great issues in the end, and maybe something will come from the whisperings that Cap & MI-3 should be made a back-up feature to help justify this $3.99 trend.  But whatever the case, three “cheers” to Paul Cornell & Co. for all their efforts on the book!  It will be missed.

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Batgirl #1
Written by Bryan Q. Miller
Art by Lee Garbett & Trevor Scott
Cover by Phil Noto

I’ve no idea who is behind the mask here, and I look forward to being surprised by the revelation, but I wanted to comment that I’ve enjoyed and admired a lot of what Phil Noto has accomplished in comics over the years (admittedly there are some that are far too static for a comic cover) but this just may be the best cover he’s done as far as I’m concerned. I love the pose, facial detail, and the emotion he’s able to capture in her (almost sly) lips. Great cover!

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Ross_GHornet_HD1 Newsarama previewed designs by Alex Ross for upcoming covers on Green Hornet (!) this morning, and as much as I love his paintings, I’m itching to see his pencils inked (and unpainted) on interiors one day.  His craftsmanship and detail is just too good not to see in that form as well.

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Follow That Raven…

Raven-banner_R1Hey folks, for one reason or another I decided to go the insane route of starting an additional blog entitled Follow That Raven on ‘fantasie’ / sci-fi books, with reviews, “insights”, etc. and that you’re certainly invited to stop by, hang your hat, and read/comment on or about a number of like-minded books, etc.

Hope to see you there!

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WC_Kamandi_HD2It’s always a little difficult to convince my eyes to wake up early Monday morning, but The Source’s Kamandi preview definitely helped! Ryan Sook has always been a great artist, but this…I imagine Alex Raymond would be awful proud. There’s a meticulously crafted lushness to the color and illustration that we seldom see these days and, well, considering there’s a swashbuckling tiger (Prince Tuftan) fighting alongside Kamandi against RAT-MEN, there’s not a lot more I can say to describe how awesome this is.

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