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Paul Pelletier is one of a small handful of comic creator’s whose work I’ll follow on most any title, and it appears I’ll be following it on Greg Pak’s Incredible Hulk, as Comic Book Resources reported yesterday, which actually works out pretty well for me as I’ve wanted to be a part of Pak’s run on the Green Goliath for a good while now and with Pelletier on board I’ve got little choice but to finally check it out!

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I was extremely impressed with Paul Pelletier’s art — which I percieve as something akin to one part Alan Davis, one part Dale Keown and one part John Byrne but completely Pelletier’s own — on Dan Slott’s GLA,  and continued to be blown away with his successive and successful stints on Exiles, Fantastic Four, War of Kings and now more than likekly, The Incredible Hulk. It’s great to see his more “traditional” approach to comic art being embraced by both Marvel and the fans alike as it’s made for consistently fun/exciting books that feel like comics used to, with dynamic page layouts and a quality story so often backing the pencils up, so here’s hoping for all the future success that he can handle! He’ll be a natural fit for the Hulk and if the preview art is any indication he may just one day be uttered in the same breath as the Dale Keown’s and Gary Frank’s on that book:

Well, when I was collecting comics years ago, I was a huge fan of the Peter David/Dale Keown Hulk stuff, and afterwards the Gary Frank stuff. I really dug the character from back then. But with both of those books, just coming off “War of Kings” and “Guardians of the Galaxy,” which both have a crapload of characters, I thought it’d be nice to work on a book that had a smaller cast – something to focus on a little more. And it’s fun drawing the big, strong guys, so something like Hulk or Thor would be fun too. And with Thor, the idea that I was working on “War of Kings” and “Guardians” which was a lot of sci-fi stuff, and with Thor you get into Asgard, and I’d be able to do something more feudal. That was going through my mind, to work on something different than I had been doing.

Be sure to check out Pelletier’s interview at Comic Book Resources for more on his Hulk run and the opportunity of mulling over what he’d be able to accomplish on a book like Thor with Sif, the Warriors Three, and all that mythology to work with should he ever get the chance…


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I don’t know that I can bring myself to purchase 2 copies for the 50/50 Alan Davis covers featuring some of Marvel’s greatest women (certainly not at that price), but I can definitely appreciate his craft, once more, through these images — while hoping for a full-sized poster similar to the 70th Anniversary Poster featuring Davis’ art with a similar theme which was released earlier April ’09 (and that I purchased recently).

In the meanwhile, “wow” is about all I can muster.


Part of the 70th Anniversary Celebration, this square-bound spectacular places the spotlight on Marvel’s extraordinary lady heroes and their astonishing adventures! Spider-Woman, Sue Storm, Ms. Marvel, Kitty Pryde, Rogue, the Savage She-Hulk and many more will grace the 100-plus pages of this oversized monster magazine. Join us in celebrating the triumph of Marvel’s leading ladies in handpicked classic reprints as well as brand new features and retrospectives on these fantastic female phenoms. Featuring a collectible 50/50 cover by the legendary Alan Davis!

104 PGS./Square Bound Magazine Format/Rated T+ …$9.99

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Ha, this will look great setting atop my bookshelf just above my (recently completed…whew!) Usagi Yojimbo TPB collection! Look for it in May 2010!

And here’s the solicitation information:

On sale May 5
12″ tall

This highly detailed 12″ cuddly, plush figure of Usagi Yojimbo is sure to impress kids and kids-at-heart. We have worked closely with Stan Sakai to perfect the look and shape of this plush figure. This ronin rabbit is ready to snuggle!

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File this under “great news.” At this years VGA’s Mark Hammil (the infamous animated voice of the Joker) announced Batman: Arkham Asylum 2!

Check out the trailer at the official site for the first look.

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A Season of Thanks!

Had the unfortunate experience of being in an auto collision last week which completely totaled my car. But despite the destruction to my (poor) ’08 Focus, I managed to open the driver side door and walk out of the accident with only minor bruising to my chest, which I count as something of a miracle and definitely something to be thankful for this season amidst all the insurance claims to come (no worries, I wasn’t at fault). It could have been a lot worse, but I’m now a lot more aware that disasters really can happen to any of us at a moments notice — so please take those few precious moments out of the day to give thanks for the many blessings you enjoy (whether it’s Thanksgiving or not) and live life to the fullest as best you can.

Just saying, and I hope y’all have a great holiday season and a Merry Christmas with family and friends!

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