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It’s been a heck of a long time coming (or certainly seemed so) but this will definitely make a great early birthday present come June! Chris Sprouse is one of the most criminally underrated artists around and it’s always a real treat to see him unleashed on the title he helped co-create, with characters that he clearly enjoys so much.

I know I was itching for more Strong family stories so here’s hoping June 2nd get’s here just that much quicker. Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom #1 solicitation from Wildstorm’s The Bleed:

The super sci-fi adventure continues as one of Alan Moore’s most beloved creations returns to comics with ABC veteran Peter Hogan (TERRA OBSCURA) writing and co-creator Chris Sprouse penciling! Tom Strong and his family prepare to celebrate Tesla’s wedding when the unthinkable happens – before their eyes, reality alters to become a world conquered by the Nazis and ruled by Tom’s nefarious son Albrecht! What is the mysterious secret from Tom’s past that has brought this catastrophe about? And how can things ever be put right again?

Ah, and what’s more from Wildstorm? A 2-issue Astro City mini-series starring the Silver Agent that will hit stands at the end of the month. Also great news! Look for Astro City: Silver Agent #1 on June 30th.


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“Life is Like a Hurricane…”

Given that the DuckTales cartoon series plays a major part in the blog’s theme, that I love Disney’s Ducks, that I grew up on the cartoon, and that I miss yacking about the adventures of Donald, Scrooge and the kids a great deal, it appears I may have some celebrating to do as Uncle Scrooge, the nephews, Launchpad and the gang will again be featured in Disney’s DuckTales.

From Boom! Studios recent press release:

One of the most action-packed Disney franchises returns to the comic page in a big way this summer from BOOM Kids! Mickey’s Mailbag has been overflowing with requests for a trip back to the world of The Disney Afternoon, and because the fans demanded it…DuckTales returns starting in UNCLE SCROOGE #392 this June.

The premiere of DuckTales in UNCLE SCROOGE #392 will appear on store shelves the same month as BOOM!’s new DARKWING DUCK mini-series that was announced this past weekend.

‘DuckTales is one of the most beloved television shows of the ‘90s,’ said BOOM Kids! editor Aaron Sparrow. “It’s just spectacular to be bringing it back for a whole new generation to discover and enjoy!’

The fun begins in UNCLE SCROOGE #392, as BOOM Kids! kicks off the four-issue arc, ‘Like a Hurricane!’  Fans of both the groundbreaking animated series and the classic Carl Barks comics it was based on will delight at the chance to get their hands on these stories, never before seen in the United States, that are coupled with some old favorites printed at the time of the original television series.

Non-stop adventure is what’s in store when Uncle Scrooge is accompanied by his nephews, plus the unpredictable Lauchpad McQuack! Add in some super-heroics from the amazing Gizmoduck, and you have a recipe for an epic good time!

The first Duck Tales arc starting in UNCLE SCROOGE #392 includes scripts by veteran Disney writers Paul Halas, Tom Anderson, Didier le Bornec, Chris Weber, Karen Willson, Doug Murray and Régis Maine with outstanding art by modern masters Xavier Vives Mateu, José Maria Carreras, Roberto Santillo, Cosme Quartieri, Wanda Gattino, and José Cardona Blasi.

UNCLE SCROOGE #392 contains the first installments of the ‘Like a Hurricane!’ saga entitled ‘The Everlasting Coal’ which is written by Paul Halas & Tom Anderson, with interior art by Xavier Vives Mateu. UNCLE SCROOGE #392 also includes the classic backup ‘The Littlest Gizmoduck’ written by Chris Weber and Karen Willson with interiors by Roberto Santillo. This kick-off issue features two covers in a 50/50 split by Michel Nadorp and Magic Eye Studios and carries a cover price of $2.99 and ships this June.

I gotta tell you that I’m really glad to hear this. That said, I have temper my enthusiasm a little. With a few exceptions, and with all due respect, I’ve not been extremely impressed with Boom! Studios handling of the Duck license thus far, but I certainly want to enjoy the line again so DuckTales (in the pages of Uncle Scrooge) is definitely something that I’ll plan on trying given my enthusiasm for the endeavor and that they’re as willing to try and make it succeed. If it’s something I find I can enjoy, expect more in the months to come.

Also, love that cover!

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Though, as always, I must blame myself for having just discovered a talent that’s been producing work like this for well over 2 decades. Consider that remedied.

Be sure to stop by his blog Masked Avenger Studios (if that gives you any indication of what’s in store) and check out his wonderful art and sculpts. Particularly if you’re a fan of the classic heroic characters. I literally stand in awe.

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I’ve got nothing but respect for a company happily willing to publish the likes of Magnus, Robot Fighter and Solar,  Man of the Atom. Please support these guys where you can.

The Dark Horse preview in downloadable .pdf format can be found here.

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“They can’t escape each other!”

This just get’s better and better. Hawkeye is back, name and all, and Mockingbird is once more by his side. What’s more? They’ve got an ongoing series. This, from writer Jim McCann:

Newsarama: Perhaps the first big part of this announcement is… Hawkeye! This is Clint back in his gear, right? What was it like coming off “Reunion” and being told you then get to write a series featuring his other return?

Jim McCann: This IS Clint!  He IS in purple, with a bow & arrow, snarky and never misses.  The Hawkeye you’ve been demanding!  As for what it’s like, I don’t know that it has fully processed for me.  Hawkeye has ALWAYS been the male character I have wanted to write.  He and Mockingbird are my all-time favorite couple.  Now I get to plot the course for these two?  Ongoing?!?!  Get out!  If my 12 year-old self only knew this day would come…wow

Be sure to check out the rest of the interview for more details about the series. And, yea, count me in. I’ve been happily following these two since I was an early teen and this has been a heckuva long time coming! Cannot wait until June.

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“Thought we were meeting 4 breakfast? where r u?”

“Behind you.”


And with that 4-page introduction, I’m sold.

Of course, that was never in question given the character and creative team but what an opening nonetheless! That’s classic Flash, it makes me smile like I did when I was a kid witnessing that speed for the first time, and I can’t wait for this.

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