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I know very little about Archie’s cousin Andy Andrews, but it appears there’s some interesting Silver-Age comic book history to be had here and that it’ll make the upcoming Man From R.I.V.E.R.D.A.L.E. story arc all the more worthwhile.

The decision to include the original story as part of the new storyline in Archie #610-614 was a pretty ingenious publishing idea from Archie Comics, and what’s more…you can read the first 10-pages (and they’re adding more) here on the Archie home page.

Also, a little more on what to expect from a  recent interview Archie writer Tom DeFalco had with Comic Book Resources:

But what about this long-lost character created in the 1950s who will be seeing his print debut here? As it turns out, it’s no Sentry-style hoax; Andy Andrews is the real deal. From November 2009 through February 2010, the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art hosted an exhibit entitled ‘The Art of Archie Comics’ and at the exhibit, the publisher unveiled for the first time the unpublished tale of Andy Andrews. In covering the exhibit, the New York Times detailed the tale’s provenance. ‘One of the best discoveries is a 13-page story featuring Andy Andrews, Archie’s cousin, that never saw the light of day. ‘It was in an old art file that we had in the warehouse,’ said Victor Gorelick, the co-president and editor in chief of Archie Comic Publications. ‘It was still in the original wrapping from some 50 years ago.’ Mr. Gorelick, who began working for the company in 1958, said the story was written and drawn before his arrival. The plot was described as a cold-war thriller.’

That tale, entitled ‘The Iron Caper’ begins with Archie reading a letter to his class from Cousin Andy (who is apparently an international man of mystery) about his exploits in the world of overseas espionage, which form the meat of the story. DeFalco adds, ‘I believe the story was written and drawn by the always-incredible Harry Lucey, who also did ‘Sam Hill’ and ‘The Dover Boys’ as well as countless ‘Archie’ stories.’ DeFalco got the idea to work Andy into his tale after learning of the character from Victor Gorelick, but to what extent the original tale will influence DeFalco’s take on Andy remains to be revealed.

The first issue in the Man from R.I.V.E.R.D.A.L.E. 4-issue story arc (Archie #610-614) hits shelves today, and I think I’ll keep my eyes peeled for this one. And, hey, while you’re at the Archie home page, be sure and take a listen to the old radio serials they feature in the ‘Fun’ section.


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Stumbled upon this fantastic Flash Gordon Flash Gordon tribute to Al Williamson by the extremely talented Fransesco Fracavilla and wanted to make sure you folks had the chance to enjoy it as well.

I was very sorry to hear of Williamson’s passing early this week (we’re all the lesser for his loss) and I’d be ungrateful if I didn’t take a moment to wish his family the very beset and to say “thanks” for so many great memories over the years! I’ve been in awe of his work since first stumbling upon it in the pages of a Flash Gordon comic I picked up a number of years back and it’s certainly fitting that Fracavilla chose the character Williamson defined so well to pay his own humble tribute to the comics legend. We’ll miss him.

Onwards and upwards, friend.

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Love this CREATUREBOX cover!

Given the comedic flavor of the games, and so many of the comic book elements that have permeated the series for years, the best-selling Ratchet & Clank video game franchise is a natural for this medium and I about jumped out of my seat when I saw this in DC’s Solicitations this month. And with series veteran T.J. Fixman penning the tale I imagine that we’re in for a real treat. Good for the guys at Insomniac, they deserve something as cool as this! And I definitely can’t wait to read it.

Written by T.J. FIXMAN

The best-selling Sony franchise finally becomes an action-packed comic! With Dr. Nefarious defeated and the universe safe, galactic heroes Ratchet and Clank return to the Solana galaxy for some well-earned rest and relaxation. But when entire planets begin disappearing from the universe without a trace, Galactic President Qwark calls them back into action to solve the mystery. As the rest of the universe erupts in panic, the duo must embark on an epic adventure that will pit them against their most capable adversary to date: a Markazian planet thief named Artemis Zogg!

On sale SEPTEMBER 8 • 1 of 6 • 32 pg, FC $3.99 US

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Won’t be able to pick up a copy myself of course, but maybe a few of you out there attending SDCC will be able to. The rest of us will have to be content to enjoy the great Kormarck cover from afar I’m afraid.


Exclusive SDCC variant cover by Michael Kormarck! Empowered by a thermonuclear catastrophe, Doctor Solar discovers that he can control energy… immeasurable strength is his at a whim. Power beyond imagining courses through his body. But he knows that the same kind of science run amok that created him can also empower the wicked. LIMITED TO 2,000 COPIES. Comic SRP: $3.50

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