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Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross working on any project will make me stand up and take notice, as individual creators and as collaborators. Where the latter is concerned we’ve gotten comic gold where Marvels and Astro City are concerned, so add Kirby’s creations to the mix (from the Kirbyverse to boot!) and I’m sure as heck not going to miss this.

No details here on when it will hit stands, but feel free to read more about the project at Comic Book Resources:

Known for their breakout partnership on 1993’s “Marvels,” the series that that launched Ross’ status as a comics art titan, and their world-building work on Busiek’s WildStorm series “Astro City,” the pair will be co-plotting “Kirby: Genesis” which will feature a stand-alone story incorporating Kirby characters, from the Silver Star to Satan’ Six and many more, into one cohesive superhero universe. “This ‘Kirby world’ that we’ll develop will be something fresh for the two of us to butt heads about together and really try and build something new and fresh,” Ross told CBR. “Hopefully, the Kirby world will represent so much of the basic creativity that you could find of any of the published material you’re familiar with. When you see the various characters that the [Kirby] family owns, they do feel familiar to all the various things that were covered in the many creations of Kirby – everything from Galactus to Fighting American or whatever. You get a sense of all of those things embroiled in this world in all the properties we have access to.

All I can muster is a “wa-hoo!”


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Ross_GHornet_HD1 Newsarama previewed designs by Alex Ross for upcoming covers on Green Hornet (!) this morning, and as much as I love his paintings, I’m itching to see his pencils inked (and unpainted) on interiors one day.  His craftsmanship and detail is just too good not to see in that form as well.

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[Ultraman painting by Alex Ross]

Like most boys growing up in the 80’s, I was fascinated with ninjas and the martial arts. These sleek warriors wrapped in black from head to toe were one of the “coolest” things I had ever stumbled upon and I spent countless hours outside trying to become on of them through my own strict regiment of tree climbing, jumping, rolling, kicking and plastic sword…ahem…kata (and yes, Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow are my two favorite G.I. Joe characters so we’ll get that out of the way right quick). Neighborhood evildoers beware! Anyway, it was about this time that I found out that these ancient warriors hailed from Japan, and thus my life-long fascination with the “land of the rising sun” was born.

Now, in setting this up you’ve likely already figured out that I love the American super-hero as well, so imagine what it must have been like for a 6-7 year old boy to stumble upon the closest thing Japan has to a Superman and a ninja combined, the man known as ウルトラマン or “Ultraman.” Hoo-boy — what a fantastic world in which I lived! When trouble reared it’s head, Shin Hayata of the Science Patrol would call forth Ultraman to fight, wherein he’d transform into a 40 meter high goliath donned in red & silver armor and combat the threat (which was usually a monster or “kaiju” ~ 40-50 meters tall themselves) until he had won the day. Sadly, I only had a few years to really enjoy the show before it was gone, but the character carved a fond place in my memory where he’s been ever since.

Now, when I stumble upon something related to good ‘ol Ultraman, I smile fondly, and remember that kid inside. And funny enough, it appears that both of my older nieces have a little of their uncle inside and are huge Power Ranger fans (admittedly, I’ve never been much of a fan myself) so you can reckon I’ve taken the occasion to tell them about The Power Rangers granddaddy, Ultraman. And now that the original series is available in America on DVD, and I have their attention, I think its probably high time to introduce them to the original.

That, and It’ll be great to see an old friend again!

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