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As Newsarama reported Saturday, Editor Dave Dunbier has announced that “IDW will publish The Complete Rocketeer, which will collect all of the Dave Stevens Rocketeer comics, completely recolored by Laura Martin, who was the late Dave Steven’s personal choice for the project. Stevens, who wasn’t happy with the original coloring on the project kept most of the original pages, and knew where the others were if he ever needed them. IDW will also publish a deluxe version of the collection in an 8” x 12” format which will include over 10 pages of supplemental material that has rarely been seen. ‘The hope is to make this the book that Dave always wanted it to be,’ Dunbier said.

This is among the best comics related news I’ve heard so far this year — or as Cliff might put it, “I like it!” Dave Stevens and the Rocketeer have been deserving of a special project like this for a heck of a long time so, please, do yourself a favor and look to the skies for The Complete Rocketeer when it blasts your way later this October.



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