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Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross working on any project will make me stand up and take notice, as individual creators and as collaborators. Where the latter is concerned we’ve gotten comic gold where Marvels and Astro City are concerned, so add Kirby’s creations to the mix (from the Kirbyverse to boot!) and I’m sure as heck not going to miss this.

No details here on when it will hit stands, but feel free to read more about the project at Comic Book Resources:

Known for their breakout partnership on 1993’s “Marvels,” the series that that launched Ross’ status as a comics art titan, and their world-building work on Busiek’s WildStorm series “Astro City,” the pair will be co-plotting “Kirby: Genesis” which will feature a stand-alone story incorporating Kirby characters, from the Silver Star to Satan’ Six and many more, into one cohesive superhero universe. “This ‘Kirby world’ that we’ll develop will be something fresh for the two of us to butt heads about together and really try and build something new and fresh,” Ross told CBR. “Hopefully, the Kirby world will represent so much of the basic creativity that you could find of any of the published material you’re familiar with. When you see the various characters that the [Kirby] family owns, they do feel familiar to all the various things that were covered in the many creations of Kirby – everything from Galactus to Fighting American or whatever. You get a sense of all of those things embroiled in this world in all the properties we have access to.

All I can muster is a “wa-hoo!”


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