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We’re always looking for great Disney comic strip news here at the blog, and the news that Fantagraphics will be reprinting Floyd Gottfredson’s black & white Mickey Mouse strips in their entirety is among the best that I can bring your way:

Fantagraphics Books announced this afternoon from Comic-Con International, via Twitter, that it has partnered with Disney to publish the complete Mickey Mouse comic strips by Floyd Gottfredson, the cartoonist renowned for his defining work on the character. He is to Mickey Mouse comics what Carl Barks is to Donald Duck comics. Gottfredson was 24 years old when he was assigned to the fledgling Mickey Mouse strip in 1930, and continued to work on it for the next 45 years. During his long tenure, he introduced such characters as the miserly Eli Squinch, Mickey’s nephews Morty and Ferdie Fieldmouse, Chief O’Hara and the Phantom Blot. Gottfredson retired in 1975, and passed away in 1986 at age 81.

Fantagraphics will begin releasing the collections in May 2011.


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Alright, I’m going to assume that you didn’t quite heed my recommendation last year and that you let this classic Gottfredson Mickey collection slip through your fingers?  Well, that’s alright because Gemstone is making Mickey Mouse in Color their “Spotlight” item again and that means you’ve got another shot at owning this gem.  It also  means that once again you can take advantage of *free shipping* and, given the already discounted price, that when you total up the cost it comes to an even $20.  Given the breadth of historic information, the interview, the Gottfredson Mickey comics themselves, and the heft on this collection that’s a big deal, and I’d highly recommend you pick it up if you can financially manage it.  Hurry up though, the offer ends Friday (1/23).

More on the collection from The Scoop:

Mickey Mouse gained fame on the screen, but it was in his daily and Sunday comic strips in the 1930s that his greatest adventures took place! Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse in Color is a deluxe collection of Mickey’s greatest newspaper comic strip episodes from the 1930s. Plotted and illustrated by Floyd Gottfredson, this book showcases forty-five years of funny adventures depicting Mickey and his gang.

Included in this extraordinary collection are Sunday page adventures such as Rumplewatt the Giant (1934), Dr. Oofgay’s Secret Serum (1934), The Case of the Vanishing Coats (1935), and The Robin Hood Adventure (1936). Hilarious daily strip adventures such as Blaggard Castle (1932), Pluto and the Dogcatcher (1933), The Mail PilotMickey Mouse Outwits the Phantom Blot (1939) are also included! (1933), and

In addition to the memorable comics, Disney historian Thomas Andrae gives an in-depth profile of Mickey’s origins and inspirations, including little known revelations about, and rare illustrations of, the world’s most famous mouse.

Also, head of Disney Archives, David R. Smith, has contributed an extensive interview with artist Gottfredson, illustrated with rare photos, vintage newspaper clippings, art by Walt Disney himself, and other notable ephemera.  You can enjoy several special features and articles highlighting the times and the people who shaped the creation of these Mickey adventures which, even today, are in a class by themselves!

Now is a great time to order Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse in Color! Since it’s this week’s Spotlight Book, there is no charge on shipping for this item! This applies to orders made between Friday, January 16, 2009 through Friday, January 23, 2009 on purchases made through the Gemstone website, or by calling 888-375-9800, extension 1612.

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