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I’ve been following Chris Samnee’s art since stumbling upon it in the pages of Marvel’s Agents of Atlas and on Comic Twart (where he, Francesco Francavilla, Evan “Doc” Shaner, and others devote their efforts to creating a scene surrounding a particular character each week) and I can say without reservation that he’s easily one of the most promising artists working in the field of comics today. The guy can draw anything, and do it very, very well.

It’s certainly not difficult to see the Alex Toth influence in his work (it appears Samnee has taken some of Toth’s most important artistic advice to heart in terms of simplifying the image, isolating the key elements, etc. ) and if he keeps this up — with high profile assignments like Thor, the Mighty Avenger — he’s going to end up influencing countless numbers of up and coming artists. There’s pretty much no way around it, and I couldn’t welcome it more.

Anyhow, definitely don’t miss Samnee’s art in Thor, the Mighty Avenger, which isĀ  in stores now.


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