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“I am desperate to make this game!” – Yoshinori Ono

You may have heard of Yoshinori Ono, he’s the man responsible for pushing and producing Capcom’s Street Fighter and most recently the wildly successful Street Fighter IV. Pick an interview and you’ll witness the passion he carries for these games and characters — a drive that has led him to create the most critically acclaimed fighting games around.

And apparently he’d love to revisit the Darkstalkers franchise, Capcom’s quirky 2D fighting games featuring their zany take on familiar monster conventions. The only problem is that the ‘higher-ups’ want to make sure that there’s demand for the game, particularly here in the U.S., before giving him the go ahead. And that’s where we come in. On any given day there are several hundred people reading the blog (and I appreciate all that take the time to stop by and visit) so if even one of  you good folks can take a moment of your day to help show your support for a new Darkstalkers game then the time I took to type this up was more than worth it.

You can do that by visiting Capcom’s official blog and posting on the “Ask Capcom” forum and tell them sincerely about your interest in the game. Capcom is one of the few video game companies that takes an awful lot of their time hanging out and shooting the breeze with their fans, as well as listening to their praise, concerns and criticisms, so its likely that someone will see your post and it will be one more indicator that we would like to see a new Darkstalkers game. One additional person voicing their opinion in the affirmative would be a big help. Three to four hundred doing so would be huge.

Thanks for considering it, and hopefully I’ll have some good news to report in the months and years to come about the game!


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