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allred_jerseygods_hd1According to Comic Book Resources Mike Allred will become the new cover artist for Image Comic’s Jersey Gods beginning issue #6.  I know he’s been awful enthusiastic about the book, so good for him and his!  I’m a little disheartened that I can’t add the book to my monthly line-up (anytime soon) but I’ll certainly enjoy seeing those solicitation images every month!

Says Allred:

I’ve been a big fan from day one and now to be part of the team, even getting team t-shirts, is super cool!


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Double Fine Action Comics by Scott C (Vol. 1)

And because the solicit can’t be beat…

Alright, I’ve reproduced. My work here is done, right? My genetic obligations have been fulfilled. So now I can just sit back and basically wait for death, no?

The thing is, Death, like the cable guy, won’t give you an exact arrival time. He just says, “Yeah, I’ll be there sometime between 8am and 4pm, from now to eternity, or whenever else I feel like it, probably when you least expect it.” So I figure I have to keep busy, and set new challenges for myself.

First challenge: to create the finest work of English literature ever, of all time. The best writing that money could buy, if the writing weren’t so priceless and beautiful and therefore timeless, and yet affordable…I wanted to pull together a collection of words that have never been pulled together before and make them wonder where they had all been all of each other’s lives. I wanted to go back in time to the mind of the person who invented writing, and blow that mind.

Well, I have to say in my honest, conservative judgment… I did it. Frankly, I even exceeded those expectations. (When will I ever learn to stop underestimating myself?) Sweet success and a half. Everything that Guggenheim had in mind when he invented typewriters or whatever was encapsulated in this amazing document.

Unfortunately it was only two pages long. So I decided to pad it out with about 300 of Scott’s comics. Plus a Knight Guy board game, a bunch of sketches, a commentary section, some secrets of how to draw, and sexy pin-up art. (Not of me, though. Sorry.) And for legal reasons, we named it, ‘Double Fine Action Comics by Scott C (Vol. 1)’

You can now buy this amazing book, and read it wherever you want. Remember how before you couldn’t read the Double Fine Action Comics when the power was off? Well, now you can. In fact, I suggest that when this book arrives, you shut off the circuit breakers in the house, huddle up your whole family under an old quilt, and gather around a candle to read The Double Fine Action Comics together. Just like how Abraham Lincoln used to read comics when he was a kid.


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jsa_stargirl-hd11I thought it appropriate that in his last issue of JSA, that Geoff Johns spends time celebrating the life of Courtney Whitmore aka Stargirl, a character based in large part on the personality of Johns’ sister who died in the TWA Flight 800 explosion in 1996.  Over the years we’ve watched Courtney grow from an overly exuberant youth with a good heart to a thoughtful, kind, young woman who serves as a  valuable member of the team.  She fits right in among legends such as Jay Garrick and instills a sense of wonder into their ranks.  Here’s hoping her future remains bright — and that Black Adam didn’t totally ruin her birthday after all.

(Starman’s “gift” is hilarious.)

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Marvel vs. Capcom 2 has long been a hot ticket item on the second hand market due to its limited print run, and a shiny copy could net upwards of $100+ dollars.  I had managed to snag a copy shortly after it was released being quick on my feet and thanks to some great memories pumping in nickel after nickel playing the first to death at a nearby arcade, and spent many an hour trying to hone my skill at the game (guess who I used most often) enjoying all those great characters and their insane abilities.  Alas, prior to my recent move I was trying to raise funds and made the painful decision to part with my own treasured copy.  A young lady had wanted to purchase it for her husband and striking up a deal she was excited to present it to him as a Christmas present last year.  It was going to a good home and I would have my memories…while I hoped that it would again see the light of day as a downloadable title (as has long been rumored).  I regretted the sale on some level more than once, but whisperings of its return were becoming more frequent and it seemed only a matter of time until it returned in some form so I tried to exercise some patience and wait for news on that front.  So, as you can imagine,  I’m a very happy man following yesterday’s joint announcement by Marvel and Capcom that MvC2 would return as a downloadable title on Xbox Live and the Playstation Network later this summer!

Here’s what Capcom has to say about what we can expect from the downloadable version:

In what will inevitably go down as the worst kept industry secret in recent years, I’m very happy to finally be able to confirm that Marvel vs. Capcom 2 will be coming to Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network this summer.

The deal took a good while but it’s probably our most requested title to bring back, so Marvel and I and a few other people here at Capcom rolled up our sleeves and got it done.  I can’t stress enough, if you ask for something loudly enough and long enough, we’ll work very hard to make it happen.

So while you may have been able to surmise that something was going on with MvC2, we do still have a few surprises up our sleeves. Let me tell you a little more about how and why this version of MvC2 will be the definitive version.


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cooke_hunter-hd12Be sure not to miss the 19-page preview of IDW’s graphic adaption of Richard Stark’s (aka Donald Westlake) ’62 novel The Hunter by Darwyn Cooke.  No surprises, it looks great!  To tell you the truth, though, I have to admit that as someone completely new to the Parker novels (or any adaptions thereof) that I’m not sure if, or how, I’m going to be able to immerse myself in the shoes of a character who has been described as a “thug” through and through.  Similar perspectives have always been a little difficult for me to jump right into…but perhaps there’s something more to the character as the image on the right would seem to suggest?  Perhaps Stark really captures something interesting about Parker and the story going this route?  Whatever the case, I’m hoping for a gripping train ride and that Cooke’s imagination and sense of style go a long way in helping me to enjoy this to the fullest.  Look for The Hunter this July!

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flesk-spring-2009-catalog_hd11Flesk Publications recently added their Spring 2009 Catalog to the site that you can download in .pdf format which features their current, new and upcoming products, including Al Williamson’s Flash Gordon: A Lifelong Vision of the Heroic available June 2009:

Al Williamson’s Flash Gordon: A Lifelong Vision of the Heroic, collects all the major works of the artist featuring the character. At 256 pages, it encompasses Williamson’s three stints of depicting Flash in comic book format: the legendary King Comics stories from the 1960s, the 1980 adaptation of the Universal Flash Gordon motion picture, and the Marvel Comics miniseries of 1994.

In addition to these classics of sequential storytelling, Al Williamson’s Flash Gordon features Williamson’s Flash drawings done for commercial illustration and prints, his assists on the Flash Gordon comic strip, a variety of Flash images contributed to amateur schultz_vd4-coverpublications, and a selection of largely unpublished images spanning his interest in the character from childhood to the conclusion of his career.

In addition, the catalog features previews and samples of artwork by Al Williamson, Mark Schultz, Steve Rude and others that you likely won’t want to miss.  Also, remember to keep an eye out for Mark Schultz: Various Drawings Vol. 4 , available in July.

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Dang if it isn’t going to be really difficult to hold out for the War of Kings collection!

Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning have done nothing but blow my socks off since Annihilation.  For me, there had been a huge void of good cosmic stories following Jim Starlin’s Infinity events those many years ago, and Mark Gruenwald’s Quasar.  DnA almost single-handedly (uh…as much as a partnership of two individuals can single-handedly do anything) reinvigorated that corner of the Marvel Universe in a manner that I just didn’t see coming and I couldn’t be happier.  I’ve followed their work on Nova ever since (as I anxiously await the arrival of the first Guardians of the Galaxy collection) and now I’m trying my best to be patient and await the War of Kings, which features a huge cast of personal favorites including: Gladiator, the Imperial Guard, Lilandra & the Shi’Ar, the Starjammers, Kree, Marvel Girl, Havok, Polaris, Quasar, Darkhawk, and among several others, the Inhumans!

And of course, it’s all being illustrated by Paul Pelletier!

Anyhow, at Comic Book Resources, in an interview surrounding the WoK’s event, a fan asked about the possibility of an Inhumans series spinning out of War of Kings and DnA had this to say:

There are all sorts of plans afoot, you’ll just have to wait and see who ends up where…and who survives. “War of Kings” will have a profound effect on the cosmic status quo and we are fully intending to play around with the possibilities this gives us.

warofkings_hd1Now it’s always a good idea to temper your excitement, and they said no such thing in their statement, but the possibility of an Inhumans ongoing with DnA at the helm would be something of a dream come true, and if Marvel has any interest in what a fan, like myself, has to say on the matter…PLEASE make it happen!  And with Alan Davis and Mark Farmer on pencils & inks, well, it just couldn’t get any better.

Well, dreams aside for the moment, Marvel is currently offering War of Kings #1 in the digital comics section of their site, so I’m off to take advantage of that so as to satisfy my appetite for…a couple of days.

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